Lactuca perennis

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The botanical name translates to "perennial lettuce", but its high ornamental quotient rather than its toothsomeness is what captivates us.  Truth be told, we haven't had a bite, so this verdict may be subject to revision.  In any event, as an ornamental it gives the effect of a compact, highly refined, non-weedy Cichorium intybus.  Rosettes of lobed, tongue-shaped, blue-green leaves that would look right at home in a mesclun mix bring forth racemes of sky-blue flowers from late spring to summer.  Native to mountains of Europe (its most common common name is mountain lettuce), it likes well-drained soil and is not happy in blazing hot, humid conditions.  It would make a splendid subject for a large rock garden, for example.  Propagated from seed.  Deep 3.5-inch pots.  Zone 5.  Photo: marcienne

Sun; not too heavy soil; 2'x1'; spring to summer